Manufactured Components

At Staetite Fasteners we recognize the need for quality Australian made cold forged and or part machined components.

Over numerous decades, our extensive range, of thread specifications and sizes have continued to satisfy a broad range of industry requirements.

We are staffed and equipped to provide excellent engineering assistance, assembly solutions to improve product quality and innovative alternatives that are cost effective.

Our capabilities range from 1.6mm through to 36mm diameter, product hardness up to and including 12.9 (in-house heat treatment plant) and range of trivalent surface finishes available.

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of specialized cold forged and threaded components including:

  • Special product operations – special features such as drilled holes on products etc;
  • Double ended stud;
  • Screw and washer assemblies;
  • Single sems assembly;
  • Hexagon flanged bolts and set screws;
  • Thread cutting screws;
  • Projection weld studs;
  • Tee head bolts;
  • Cup square neck bolts and coach screws;
  • Solid rivets, multi-stepped rivets and tubular rivets;
  • Screws with tamper proof heads;
  • Components made to customer specifications; and
  • MAThread components that eliminate cross threading ideal for assembly type operations.
  • Specialized nuts including weld, prevailing torque and serrated;
  • Value added solutions e.g. packaged kits

Furthermore, in addition to manufacturing parts from both low and high carbon steels, which can be case hardened or neutral-hardened in our Rotary drum furnace, we also manufacture using a variety of other materials including Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum to produce your products.

A variety of processes are used such as cold forming, multiple die parts forming, roll forming, secondary machining, washer assembly and heat-treating.

The range of finishes available include Black, Gold and Clear Zinc, Trivalent Zinc, Nickel, Florentine Bronze, Brass, Copper Flash, Phosphate and several other decorative and corrosion resistant coatings to stringent automotive standards.

Please contact us for more information.